caterer wedding Marrakesh

Several options and menus are available: very refined Moroccan cuisine, international cuisine, dinner served on the plate or buffet, country picnic or cocktail party. We also work with Kosher Beth Din Caterers.

Better not go wrong in choosing the caterer that you entrust the heavy task to delight the palate of your guests, it is essential to organize a tasting with the caterer in order to taste the different dishes, but also to check the presentation. This is also an opportunity to talk about the service, which should be impeccable.

Imagine a format to your image.
Do not hesitate to revisit the classic formulas and innovate them mixing classics, for example an appetizer as a cocktail, a dish served at the table , cheese and dessert on the buffet. This format reflects the fact that guests do not enjoy being forced to sit all evening.

Your Wedding Cake

The choice of dessert for your wedding in Marrakesh is an important decision. The arrival and tasting of the cake are critical moments of your wedding. Pastry must, therefore, be both delicious and beautiful.

The wedding cake is the new trend in wedding cakes comingstraight from the United States. They replace traditional mounted pieces; so your wedding will be even more memorable. This cake, with white or colorful floors, attracts, more and more,newlyweds. A wedding cake, made ​​by a good pastry, can be very light. As elegant as showpiece of cabbage; more originally, you can also personalize your desires for a wedding cake (colors, flowers, ornaments etc. )

The cake macaroons is a good alternative to change the traditional wedding cake of cabbage, while remaining classic. It can also be customized with different kinds of colors and flavors of macaroons.

The naked cake is also a new trend imported from the United States. It is a layer cake that is simple, natural and raw. It does not hide its content unlike the wedding cake, which is covered with a topping. The makeup and flavors of the cake are visible from the outside. You can also add elements on the cake such as fruit or fresh flowers, always natural.

Dessert Buffet

Dessert buffet offers guests a wide selection of sweets. It is ideal because it does not require you to choose between all kinds of cakes. If you hesitate between several sweets, you can propose them all. It can hold all your desires: charlottes with red fruit, sorbets and ice glasses, chocolate dessert, cupcakes, macaroons, fruit pyramids … not to mention the delicious gazelle horns, and other emblematic pastries from Marrakesh.
In addition, the dessert buffet is an additional element of decoration and adds a spectacular addition.

The Candy Bar

It is very popular with young and old alike; and it is becoming a must for weddings. It brings whimsy and color to your evening.
Each candy bar is unique, designed according to the theme, the color and size of your wedding. It will become an important part of your decor, as well as a gathering place, where everyone, young and old, will enjoy to taste, to reminisce or simply to contemplate these sweets in many flavors and shapes.
It is usually separated from the dessert buffet, but they can also be integrated.