Choice of the Reception Venue in Marrakesh

The success of a wedding party depends on the overall atmosphere, the professionalism of service providers … the venue of reception. The choice of the wedding place in Marrakesh is certainly one of the most decisive factors in the whole organization of the event. Finding a venue that fits your theme, meets all your needs and pleases your guests, is, certainly, not an easy task.

As an established agency In Morocco for more than twelve years, we have selected special venues (some are exclusive to our agency), which correspond to all your desire enchantment: villas in the Palmeraie, iconic riads in the médina of Marrakesh, boutique hotels, palaces, Berber bivouacs in the desert, a camp by a lake, and many others. The choice will depend on your needs and desires.

After all, we must determine the style of place that suits you, and the atmosphere you wish to instill in your wedding reception in Marrakesh. Some of our clients will like a romantic and a  “country chic” ambiance, while others will tend towards spectacular views, and the most daring will favor the sensational side in order to share a unique experience with their families and friends. The number of guests also determines the choice of the place of reception. It is, therefore, important to know the number of guests before starting to search the place. The season, during which the wedding party is planned, is also decisive: it is unlikely to spend an evening outdoors in the month of January, for example.

Spotting the venue is an essential stage in the process to select the right location. Most exceptional places are reserved way in advance. It is highly important to target your venue  earlier. This step is the first to achieve in the panning for a wedding party in Marrakesh.

From the elements that you will provide, we will set up a program of visits to places matching your needs in order to accommodate your wedding in Marrakesh.