Photos videos wedding Marrakesh

Capture your wedding under the beautiful lights of Marrakesh … Our photographers and videographers bring into picture memories full of emotion. They will capture the most intense moments.


The photographer is the keeper of your memories … his pictures translate your wedding in Marrakesh. Preparations until the evening of the weeding over one or more days; he will follow you with discretion.

Capture the most beautiful emotions of a wedding day is a real art. This is a skill that requires talent and experience. Set up your needs: posed traditional photos, vintage photos and reports on the fly. The photographer should create an atmosphere of trust in order to help yoube familiar with the zoomto regain spontaneity in your actions. He will put emphasis on all important details to you, and all on your concerns and beliefs.

– Trash the dress refers to a tendency originating from the United States. This is an opportunity to capture a wedding in Marrakesh by offset and original photographs. If such photographs, taken the day after the wedding, do not require prepared hair and makeup, they are, however, considered as a memorable souvenir, more important than a wedding dress put in a storage bag. Newlyweds can invent all stages, dare all places. Nevertheless, you can absolutely consider taking pictures of a couple after your wedding in Marrakesh in a more traditional and moderate spirit.

– The Photo Booth or Photobooth is an original trompe -l’oeil that allows you, during weddings and events, to make your pictures memorable. It is possible to install a piece of furniture that pictures, placed in front of a couch, thatallows your guests to take pictures, and come away with prints instantly. At the end of the event, everyone will get with unpublished and offset photos of your wedding in Marrakesh.


A film should be both modern and rhythmic and performed with professionalism. A shooting done with discretion can preserve the natural, emotions and looks. Photo and video should not be substituted for one another. On the contrary, they are complementary: the photo captures the moment while the video captures the atmosphere. In a photo, you will remember the smiles exchanged. In the video, you will revive your big YES. The day goes by so fast; do not simply ignore memories of your wedding in Marrakesh. You will want to revisit these moments, to share them, and most importantly, to be able to show them to your children one day.
We should first check on the videographer style that will suit you and adapt his team to your wedding. If you dream of an intimate wedding, one person would be enough to avoid being invaded. Conversely, if you have more than 200 guests, it is better to focus on a formula with several cameramen.