Marrakesh wedding invitations

We can, in collaboration with our graphic designers and designers, create the invitation to match your event (theme, color of the reception, dress code, etc.).

First of all think about carrying out a Save the Date which turns out to be very useful because you organize your wedding in Marrakesh : your guests must make their arrangements in advance regarding plane tickets and accommodation, especially if you are getting married during school holidays, or during a long weekend. The Save the Date can be sent by email. Do not hesitate to remind that a valid passport is required for a stay in Morocco.

The announcement is used to communicate essential information about your wedding in Marrakech. It is used to inform of the happy event and invite loved ones to the different parts of the celebration. It must mention: the name of the spouses, the place, the date and the time of the ceremony (religious, or secular, i.e. an exchange of vows).

The text of the announcement varies mainly depending on the involvement of the parents in the marriage. According to tradition, it is the parents and/or grandparents who have the privilege of inviting their children to the wedding, on their behalf. However, it is becoming increasingly rare. Indeed more and more often, it is the bride and groom themselves who announce their marriage.

Some will also be able to make 2 series of announcements: a “classic” series reserved for parents and parents’ guests, and a more playful series reserved for the bride and groom and their guests.

Those who are less conventional can give free rein to their imagination and announce their wedding by drawing on the vocabulary of the theme of their wedding in Marrakech.

The paper announcement remains, even in the age of the Internet, an essential element. It formalizes the announcement or the invitation and above all gives a taste of your wedding in Marrakech. Many couples announce the date of their union but keep secret the place and the theme, which are revealed by this little card eagerly awaited by all.

The announcement must transport your guests in the atmosphere of your wedding in Marrakech. Personalization is therefore a major asset. It can go through the choice of form, paper, type of printing and of course the content. Custom creation, direct printing, we offer for those who wish to accompany you from the design to the realization of your announcements.

A successful and original invitation is simply one that looks like you and that will truly reflect the image of your wedding.

Plan a safety margin to be ready to send them off 3 months before the date of your wedding in Marrakech.