Wedding beauty in Marrakech

A good retroplanning is a relaxed bride and above all the certainty that the beauty of the wedding in Marrakech will look like you. We work with renowned salons, based in Marrakech. During a trial day, our employees test hair and make-up with the bride-to-be, in order to find the perfect balance with her outfit. On D-Day, a team of professionals: beautician, hairdresser, make-up artist will come to your home.


D-3 months: Massages

Attack a series of massages to tone the skin, melt the unsightly curves of winter and find a flat stomach. Marrakech is renowned for the quality of its relaxation and aesthetic spaces.


J-2 months: The hairstyle

Do not hesitate to print or detach hairstyles that seduce you from magazines so that you can then show them to your hairdresser. A way to pre-define in advance what might be right for you.

When you go to Marrakech for a trial, do not forget to show a photo of your wedding dress. It is her, as much as you, who will define the style of hairstyle to adopt.


D-1 month: Make-up

For your make-up trial, two possibilities: either your hairdresser works in collaboration with a make-up artist, or you will select an independent and specialized make-up artist in Marrakech. A trial session will allow you to perform make-up “as for D-Day”. The important thing is that you are sure of your choice and comfortable with the makeup artist that you are offered.


D-15 days: Scanning

Plan to get a balayage at least two weeks before the big day (if it’s color one week is enough). This delay is necessary to allow time for the color to patina and avoid being too marked on your wedding day. Do not try to do your locks too long in advance: unfortunately they will no longer be as beautiful and shiny… Take advice from your hairdresser who will take care of your head D-day : he will be able to judge what is necessary or not to do according to the hairstyle that you will have decided together.


D-7 days: Facial care

An exfoliated, smoothed and hydrated face is the minimum for the most beautiful day of your life! So make an appointment at an institute in Marrakech a week before the date of your wedding. This will allow you to have a more than perfect complexion … and will also prevent you from ending up with an allergic reaction on your wedding day.


D-5 days: Tan your body

A sunburn on the shoulders and the tip of the nose, a gray and leaden complexion worthy of the month of January are unimaginable. To prevent this from happening to you, protect yourself from the sun the previous days and against a complexion that is too pale, opt for the self-tanning option.


D-2 days: Semi-permanent varnish

Sublime hands to receive your wedding ring. Choose a semi-permanent varnish. In 30 minutes, your nails are polished and protected against external aggressions. A guaranteed result for at least two weeks: ideal for saving time on your wedding day in Marrakech.


D-1 day: A good night’s sleep

The day before the big day, go to bed as early as possible to be in great shape the next day. Apply your usual moisturizer (to avoid a possible allergic reaction to a new product) as well as an eye contour treatment.