Marrakesh wedding scenography

We believe that every wedding is unique, and should be like no other. Marrakesh wedding scenography and decoration are therefore very important. We imagine themes that we create in close collaboration with different service providers: decorators, floral designers, upholsterers, lighting engineers… Scenography is the art of organizing space. You have chosen your place in Marrakech, we will make sure that it looks like you, that it is highlighted, that it is totally optimized for your wedding in Marrakech. We offer personalized advice and support to harmonize your choices in terms of furniture, decoration, tableware, flowers, candles… After having studied your expectations and desires with you, we will present our ideas for the atmosphere to you. using images, plans, 3D simulation and decorative accessories that will enhance the place of your wedding in Marrakesh.


The furniture

We offer you to create an ephemeral and unique decor for your wedding in Marrakech. The tailor-made staging is imagined to design a space in line with your theme. Buffets, bar, reception canopies, tents and structures, podiums, lounges, dance floor…

The decoration of your wedding in Marrakech

A unique and memorable wedding is linked to a personalized decoration, reflecting the theme chosen for your wedding in Marrakech. This decoration must be in your image and synonymous with attention to detail: tableware, candles, accessories… Personalizing the decoration of your wedding is the guarantee of a memorable memory from the arrival of the first guests.

floral decoration

The success of a marriage depends on the right combination of many small details. For an unforgettable wedding in Marrakech, flowers and floral decoration remain an essential element. Whatever your desire for flowers for your wedding in Marrakech, we are ready to grant it. Classic, original, romantic or completely offbeat. We can make a wedding floral decoration in your image and in respect of your desires and your tastes.

Lighting up your wedding venue

One of the key positions to optimize the chosen atmosphere and sublimate the architecture of your wedding venue in Marrakech, is the lighting of the space. The classic lighting emphasizes the lines of the chosen place and highlights the lush vegetation of the gardens of Marrakech. We can also use the video mapping technique. This illusionist projection makes it possible to project light or videos onto volumes, to recreate large images on structures in relief, such as monuments, or to recreate 360° universes.